What are the commands that I can use in dAmn?

The commands you can use in dAmn will depend on how that channel has been setup - some of these commands won't work for you if you're in a dAmn group where the founder of the channel has decided that for example "members" may not set the topic, or that both "members" and "operators" can kick people.. If you find that is the case, check with the channel ops or founder to see which commands that group you are in has the privilage to use.

This is a list of the commands that are available for use (items in square brackets are optional to use).:

General Use:

/me [action]
Action. Type /me runs about. will produce * yourusername runs about. in the chat room.
Displays some information about the user.
To quickly type a username, or to make sure you type it correctly, type the first one or two letters, then hit "tab" on your keyboard to have dAmn automatically fill in the rest of the username.
Type /clear to remove all the current chat from the content window.
Type /help at any time to get to the FAQ entries for dAmn.
/join #roomname
Type /join #roomname to quickly join another room.
Typing /topic What do you think of dAmn? would set the channel topic to "What do you think of dAmn?"
Typing /note JoeBloggs will open the notes page, so that you can send a note to the username you have specified.

Operator Use:

/topic [topic]
Sets the channel topic. (ie. /topic Welcome to #devart!)
/demote username
Use this to move a user down an access level. (ie, from member to guest)
/promote username
Use this to move a user up an access level. (ie, from guest to member)
/promote username Operators
Moves a user directly into the operator access level group. This can also be used with demote, and with any level. (ie, you can also do /demote username Guest too for example).
/kick username [reason]
Removes a user from the chat. Add a reason to let the user know why they were kicked.
/ban username
This removes the user from the chat for a prolonged amount of time, until their ban is removed. To unban a user, just type /unban username.


You can also use all the normal HTML formatting and special codes that are listed in
FAQ #104: What HTML formatting can we use on deviantART? And what is the format for these codes?,
along with emoticons and these additional ones:

<iframe src="url" width=.. height=.. />
This allows you to display a webpage in the chat. For example, if you wanted to show, you'd write <iframe src="" width=100 height=100 /> and it would display the webpage in a window sized 100 x 100 pixels. To view the embedded object, you must hover your cursor over the link and click the Maximize icon next to the url. (deviantART)
As an alternative to <a href=""></a> or simply pasting the URL, you can also use this special link code. Type: (deviantART) to display a clickable link, that says deviantART.
<img src="URL" />
To display an image in dAmn, use the normal HTML code <img src="URL" />. Note, again to view the embedded object, you must hover your cursor over the link and click the Maximize icon next to the url.
Type :</i></i>icondeviantname: to display a clickable link with an avatar.
Type :devdeviantname: to display a clickable link with the user's name.
To show a thumbnail of a deviation, use :thumb######: where the ######## is the deviation ID number (as shown in the URL for the deviation).


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